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Is Van-Go Painting & Decorating LLC licensed and insured?
Of course! We follow all local licensing laws and meet or exceed all requirements. All projects and employees are insured to provide you piece of mind.
I'm not really sure of my project choices. Can you provide some expert advice?
Yes we can! We have years and years of experience in painting, remodeling and decorating. If you have a basic idea of your needs, we can help you formulate a master plan.
I've got family coming. Can you get this done quick?
We value your time, and will make every effort to get your project done...on time - every time!
Can I supply my own paint for this project?
We do not mark-up prices for paint. When supplied by us, all paint used is of the best quality and durability, and is chosen specifically for these traits. While we will use paint supplied by you, keep in mind that the quality of the overall project may be degraded due to sub-standard material.
I own several rental properties. Can you service them quickly?
We specialize in rental property, and can meet your stringent time constraints and make-ready your property quickly for a fast turn-around.
My pool deck looks terrible! Can you help?
One of our specialties is deck & paver sealing and deck refinishing. We can help renew your pool in time for summer.
How much do you charge to do a typical paint job?
So many variables go into this. One coat, two coats, ceilings, closets? Hard to answer. Generally if a home hasn’t been painted in the past 5 years we typically plan on it taking two coats. It’s the main reason we offer free estimates for an evaluation because every job is different.
What is the best brand of paint to use on a paint job?
The answer is that is goes by region. What works up north for example you wouldn’t want to use in Florida’s torrential rains and humid climate. Generally speaking, paint comes in many varieties of flavor where quality is concerned. Many different paints for many different applications. Paint quality isn’t an area where you should consider sacrificing. The old adage, "You get what you pay for" applies here too.
My pool deck looks terrible! Can you help?
One of our specialties is deck & paver sealing and deck refinishing. We can help renew your pool in time for summer.
How long should my outside paint job last me for?
A good 100% acrylic paint product should last a good 8-10 years in Florida’s unforgiving climate. However, darker colors can cut that time much shorter. The more colorant a paint has, the more prone and susceptible it is to fading. One customer’s blue only lasted them 3 years for example. Usually the first 3 choices on the color chart (pastel base) are safe bets. Beyond them, lifespan decreases.
Why is a primer important for a paint job?
Primers come in many forms for many types of applications. The common denominator, however, is that they seal the pores of the surface while their binders provide adhesion for the topcoat(s) of paint to bond to that surface. A paint film is only as good as the surface beneath it. Whether it be bare wood, or peeled paint that has been sanded, primer provides the “glue” for the paint to bond to properly.
I’m nervous about paint fumes because my family has allergy and asthma problems. What can you do?
Many paints can continue to “off-gas” for as much as 2 weeks after they are applied. We offer several new “ZERO-VOC” paints. VOC’s are volatile organic compounds which can hang around for some time. Typically we always had to open the largest sliding doors and then setup an exhaust fan at the opposite end of the home or condo so there was cross ventilation. Ceiling fans usually never did the trick. With our Zero VOC lineup of paints, a client with sensitive allergies didn’t have to leave her home and stay with friends as she had the last time her home was painted. Her family was also relieved.
I’ve noticed cracks outside my house, but they seem to be only on the bottom and on some windows?
In Florida, this is so typical with stucco homes which are like gigantic sponges absorbing moisture. Most notably we see these cracks on the bottom because the overhang doesn’t always protect against the rain which can still keep the lower portion damp for extended periods while the upper areas stay drier. Window sills in particular are the most prone areas for damage because they are not just lower, but also horizontal where moisture can sit and accumulate and stay damp for longer periods. It’s also the area which leads to water damage more often than other areas of a home.
What makes paint peel, and what can I do to keep it from doing this?
Nine times out of ten, paint that is peeling is caused by water intrusion of one kind or another. These can be from roofing leaks, plumbing leaks, or right down to something as simple as a damp mop being kept up against a baseboard in the same location all the time. The first priority should be to find and locate the source of the leak or water issue. In some rare cases it’s due to a contaminant such as oil, or a surface that wasn’t prepared properly or primed with a primer sealer first. Bathrooms and Kitchens are the most prone areas where water can wick up into the bottom of a baseboard for example. This will usually cause the paint film to delaminate and peel.
How is waterproofing my home better than just painting it?
Most homes, when they’re built new, have a cheaper contractor’s grade of paint applied to them so they look good and the builder gets paid. If you go outside and wet the wall down with a garden hose (go ahead, I’ll wait!) you can watch the water actually darken the wall surface. With our water proofing sealer applied to it after 24 hours, if you went outside and did the same thing, it would look like a windshield of a car during a storm after Rain-X was applied to the windshield. The water would simply bead off the surface. This process not only keeps moisture outside where it belongs, but also helps to extend the life of your paint job as well, making it go on smoother and more evenly. You also eliminate collateral damages that can occur from excess moisture here in Florida’s climate.
I had mildew on this one wall and even though I cleaned it, it seems to keep coming back again?
Once again, a source of moisture is present. It’s source can be from a plumbing leak, a roof leak, or in many cases moisture that passes through the porous masonry which has never been sealed before. Water sources and darkness or limited light are what mold needs in order to grow. The sources must be eliminated so the mildew or mold can no longer grow.

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